The Management

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Avatara88 Artists Management is a company that combines Movie, Music and Celebrity in one management

Founded in 2005 by Sulung Landung in Jakarta, Avatara88 Artists Management initially started as a model management, but quickly became a full-fledged entertainment Management  when Avatara88 opened its doors to manage a number of well known and successful musician, talents and models: Dian HP, Dion Wiyoko, Julie Estelle, Laudya C.Bella, Nicholas Saputra, Sigi Wimala,Vino G Bastian, Upi, Adinia Wirasti, Morgan Oey, Cathy Sharon, Aline Adita, Ben Joshua and Kelly Tandiono.


AVATARA88 Artists Management


Sulung Landung

Talent manager for:  Julie Estelle, Dion Wiyoko, Kelly Tandiono, Nicholas Saputra, Joko Anwar

mobile Phone :( +62) 816920284
twitter: @sulung88

Niken Prabaningrum

Talent Manager for Vino G Bastian, UPISigi Wimala,
mobile phone: (+62)8129069146
twitter: @NikenErlangga

Arina S

Talent Manager for Adinia Wirasti, Dian HP
mobile phone: (+62) 811173956

Cindy Meirina

Talent Manager for Ben Joshua, Aline Adita Cathy Sharon
mobile phone: (+62) 8567605477
twitter: @cindymeirina

Sastra Gozalie

Finance dan Office Manager

mobile phone: (+62)87878978883
twitter: @sastragozali


So now you’ve got an idea who we are, we’d love to meet you too. So if you are attending a place or party that we attend, come up and say hi! We don’t bite (well, except for the person who design this online pages, and he’s on special tablets).