Film Terbaru Asmara Abigail terpilih di Main Competition Locarno International Film Festival

08 - 07 - 2022 | Asmara Abigail | News and Twitter


“We are pleased to announce that Woo Ming Jin’s latest film, Stone Turtle, has been selected to the Main Competition (Concorso Internazionale) at the Locarno International Film Festival. This is the first time in history that a Malay-language film has made it to the Main Competition stage in Locarno, widely regarded as a top 5 most prestigious film festivals in the world.
In addition to competing for the top prize, the Golden Leopard, Woo Ming Jin is also contending for the Best Director prize, while both his lead actors, Bront Palarae and Indonesian star Asmara Abigail, are in the running for the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.
The film co-stars Amerul Affendi, Maisyarah Mazlan, Samara Kenzo and Alison Khor.
Stone Turtle is a dramatic thriller that mixes live action and animation; it is a time traveling tale of a woman living in the east coast, who gets entangled with a man in a dangerous dance of duplicity and deception.
Produced by Greenlight Pictures. Production by STONE TURTLE started in Terengganu on January 2022 and finished on the same month. Edmund Yeo, the acclaimed filmmaker who works in Japan and Malaysia, serves as the producer and editor of STONE TURTLE. Production design is handled by award-winning filmmaker Liew Seng Tat (“Flower in the Pocket”, “Lelaki Harapan Dunia”).
Woo Ming Jin, Edmund Yeo and the film leads Bront Palarae and Asmara Abigail, are expected to attend the festival, which begins on 3rd of August and ends on the 13th of August”
Bront Palarae
Asmara Abigail (Indonesia)
Amerul Affendi
Maisyarah Mazlan
Alison Khor
And introducing Samara Kenzo
Director: Woo Ming Jin
Produced by: Edmund Yeo and Woo Ming Jin
Co-Produced by: Cheng Thim Kian, Yulia Evina Bhara (Indonesia)
Written by: Woo Ming Jin, Neesa Jamal and Deo Mahameru (Indonesia)
Edited by: Edmund Yeo
Director of Photography: Kong Pahurak (Thailand)
Production Designer: Liew Seng Tat
Music by Phil Chapavich Composer (Thailand)
Animation by Paul Williams (UK/Japan)
Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Chalermrat Kaweewattana (Thailand)