Happy 7th Anniversary The Folio!

28 - 04 - 2020 | Dion Wiyoko | Lukman Sardi

On its April 2020 cover, The Folio gathers twelve incredible and talented actors, who never stop showing their hard work and dedication to the Indonesian film industry. E5DCD4E5-76D5-4FC8-87E2-B9BB2BFB95BD 3ce1ef98-38ba-4512-91d3-2b86e06e39e4

Photographed by @julianlatif
Styled by @edwinhabibun & @primaportfolio
Creatively Led by @dennysteven
Words by @billdsaputra & @gracyamanda
Brushed by @arimbi_mua, Andre, @linda_kusumadewi, @richardtheomakeup, @oktrinazzahra, & Teguh Widodo

All the actors are wearing #Gucci