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Avatara 88 Artists Management is a full service talent management agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Founded in 2005 by Sulung Landung, Avatara 88 Artists Management initially started as a Talent Management Agency. It didn’t take long for demand to increase and our scope to broaden as an integrated entertainment agency representing talents in the fields of  Film & Television, Acting, Musicians & Master of Ceremonies.
Our portfolio of well-known and successful Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Presenters, and Influencers including Dian HP, Dion Wiyoko, Julie Estelle, Sigi Wimala, Vino G Bastian, Adinia Wirasti, Morgan Oey, Cathy Sharon, Aline Adita, Ben Joshua, Lukman Sardi, Asmara Abigail, and Chew Kinwah.
Since opening its doors, Avatara 88 Artists Management has strived for excellence for both the clients that are being serviced and the talents represented.
Avatara 88 Artists Management is connecting the industry with talents.


AVATARA88 Artists Management


Sulung Landung

Represents :  Julie Estelle, Dion Wiyoko, Asmara Abigail, Nicholas Saputra

mobile Phone :(+62) 816920284
twitter: @sulung88

Niken Prabaningrum

Talent Manager for Vino G Bastian,Sigi Wimala, Chew Kinwah
mobile phone: (+62)8129069146
twitter: @NikenErlangga

Arina S

Talent Manager for Adinia Wirasti, Dian HP
mobile phone: (+62) 81519122191

Cindy Meirina

Talent Manager for Ben Joshua, Aline Adita, Cathy Sharon, Lukman Sardi
mobile phone: (+62) 8567605477
twitter: @cindymeirina

Sastra Gozalie

Finance Manager
Manager for Morgan Oey

mobile phone: (+62)81316926909, (+62)87878978883

twitter: @sastragozali